• Working place:Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
  • Educational requirements:P
  • The nature of the work:Full-time
  • Number:
  • Deadline:2018-10-25
  • Job description

    • The Candidate should have a Ph.D. in past two years, with excellent in character and good health and under 35 years old, and should engage in postdoctoral research in the full time.
    • The candidate should have published papers in related fields or achieved certain research results, and the candidate with the related research experience is preferred.
    • The Candidate should have a good quality in terms of political quality and moral cultivation, and should abide by Chinese laws and regulations, with no bad record.

  • Recruitment conditions

    Provided by ZUFE:
    • Yearly Salary: 178,000 RMB
    • Start-up Fund for Scientific Research: 50,000 RMB
    • Extra Bonus will be given according to the research and teaching performance recognized by the University.
    Provided by Zhejiang Provincial Government:
    • Living Subsidy:50,000 RMB

  • Contact information

    2019.1-2019.12 "戴魁早
    Dai Kuizao" 86-571-13067787868