Beijing Hospital Research Group Enrollment– Recruitment of Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Working place:Beijing Hospital
  • Educational requirements:Ph. D degree
  • The nature of the work:
  • Number:
  • Deadline:2020-12-23
  • Job description

    Beijing Hospital was originally built in 1905. As a Grade-3-Level-A hospital directly affiliated to the National Health Commission and the healthcare base of the party central committee, Beijing Hospital have laid solid foundation in the treatment, nursing, rehabilitation and mandate service of geriatric diseases, and have attained unique features in its specialty and philosophy.
    In March 2015, Beijing Hospital was officially approved by the former National Health and Family Planning Commission to establish the National Center of Gerontology.
    In July 2016, The Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, former National Health and Family Planning Commission, Logistic Support Department of the Central Military Commission, and China Food and Drug Administration jointly entitled Beijing Hospital as National Clinical Research Center for Geriatrics.
    In February 2019, Beijing Hospital was granted Institute of Geriatric Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.
    In July, 2019, Beijing Hospital was acknowledged as Beijing Clinical Medical School, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    Currently, the hospital has 48 departments in total, among which, the departments of cardiovascular, respiratory & critical care medicine, neurology, urology, traditional Chinese medicine, geriatric medicine, medical imaging, and pharmacology, the National Center for Clinical Laboratory, Beijing Institute of Geriatrics (National Key Laboratory), and Clinical Nursing have won the National Clinical Key Discipline Construction Projects.
    Beijing Hospital has shaped self-superiority and characteristics during long period of research work. It has undertaken 905 research projects and obtained RMB471 million research fund since the 12th Five-Year-Plan.
    Beijing Hospital processes abundant research platform resources including the Beijing key Research Center of Emerging Infectious Diseases, National Key Laboratory of Geriatrics,
    Beijing Key Laboratory of Drug Clinical Risk and Personalized Medication Evaluation, Beijing Engineering Research Center of Laboratory Medicine, and Innovation Team in the Research of Respiratory and Pulmonary Circulation Diseases of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • Requirement

    1. Doctoral degree, moral & academic excellence, physical and psychological health, aged 35 or below;
    2. At least one SCI paper published as first or co-first author prior inbound;
    3. At least one top quality research article (IF>5) published as first or co-first author, with Beijing Hospital as the 1st completed unit before outbound; or taking the lead to obtain one NSFC grant, with Beijing Hospital as the supporting institution;
    4. More requirements on inbound, research period, and outbound would be further deliberated with applicants by the research group.

  • Contact Information

    Human Resource Department of Beijing Hospital
    Telephone: 010-85138508 / 85138509
    Contact Persons: Ms. Wang, Mr. Li, Mr. Wu