National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talent

    Start in 2016,,the program focuses on national strategic fields including advanced or fundamental science and technology. The goal of the program is to train outstanding young PhDs into world-class innovative talents. Every year, a number of newly graduated individuals are selected by adhering to high specifications and standards. 400 individuals will be funded in 2019.

    Application requirement: Under 35; Has strong research potential; Has received a formal invitation from foreign (overseas) high-level universities, and research institutions, etc.

    Selection method: Once a year. Apply at the beginning of the year, review in the middle of the year and announce the results. Personal application, expert review, and preferred funding.

    Funding: 600,000 yuan / 2 years (Offered by China for the first year and foreign countries for the second year)

    Working time: Generally two years

    Application requirement: The international academic exchange meetings with a certain degree of international influence and a certain scale in the field; Has received the meeting invitation, and published papers in oral, poster and other forms.

    Selection method: Once half a year. Personal application, expert review, and preferred funding.

    Funding: 30,000 yuan; Transportation fee, accommodation fee, and conference fee.

National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talent

    Training objectives: Preferentially select a batch of graduated or recent graduated outstanding PhDs who are specifically funded for their post-doctoral research, and strive to accelerate the training of a group of world-class innovative talents.

    Application requirements: Full-time PhD graduates with PhD degree withinthree years, and current year's PhD graduates are preferred.

    Under 31.

    Has good research potential and academic ethics.

    Selection process: Individual application

    Unit recommendation for enrollment

    Expert review

    Funding: 600,000yuan/2 years

    Including 400,000 routine funds, and 200.000 post-doctoral funds.

    High platform for training: National laboratory and other key scientific research bases

    National major strategy, strategic high-tech and basic science frontiers

    Supported disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Marine Science, Geophysics, Geology, Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Aerospace Science and Technology, Nuclear Science and Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, and Basic Medicine.