China Postdoctoral International Exchange Program

I. Project Introduction 

    The Postdoctoral International Exchange Program is targeted at excellent international young scientists holding a PhD degree (including those Chinese based in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China, as well as young Chinese received a PhD degree abroad and not yet returned to China by the time of application) pursuing postdoctoral research in a Chinese institution. The successful candidates would be co-funded for two years, by the Office of China Postdoc Council (OCPC) and the host institution: an allowances of 200,000 RMB each year shall be provided by OCPC and another 100,000 RMB per year by the host institution/group, which would be used for covering the individual living expenses related to their stay in China, including housing allowances, social insurance and round-trip international travel expenses etc.

300 postdoctoral fellows shall be supported in this program every year.

II. Eligibility

    1. The applicants shall be under 35 year’s old, decent personal in good health.

    2. The applicants shall be foreign nationals or defined Chinese as above, who have obtained a doctoral degree within the recent three years.

    3. The applicants shall have obtained their doctoral degrees from a university in the Global Top 100 University List; or the research discipline in the department/faculty for PhD degree is ranked in the Top 100 discipline list (taking the latest information of Shanghai Ranking''s Academic Ranking of World Universities, Times Higher Education World University Ranking, QS World University Ranking and U.S.News & World Report as reference). For applicants from countries located along the “One Belt and One Road” region, the applicants shall have graduated with doctoral degrees from the top 3 universities of their country. According to the Framework of Cooperation for China-Germany Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program, in order to consolidate the long lasting collaboration with the Centres/Institutes of Helmholtz Association, European or Chinese applicants with their PhD degrees from Germany, the requirement on university ranking or discipline would be waived, in case they are supported by a formal recommendation from Helmholtz Association, . (Contact: Dr. HE Hong, Beijing Office of Helmholtz-Association   010-65907866

    4. The applicants shall contact a host research institution in China with an in-house postdoctoral station on their own and pass through the first selected and receive an official recommendation from the host institution/postdoctoral station for the final evaluation through OCPC.

    5. The successful applicants shall be bound to the research for at least 20 months in China for the two-year postdoctoral program.

    6. The applicants shall have excellent academic record during their doctoral study.

    7. Applicants from non-English speaking countries must have sufficient proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese or English.

    8. Those Chinese researchers having a full employment are not eligible for this program; all the funded researchers shall conduct full-time postdoctoral studies during the two-year project.

    9. The applicants shall have not yet been supported by another OCPC international postdoctoral fellow program or postdoctoral innovative talents supporting program.

III. Application Timeline

    The Chinese host institutions with a postdoctoral station are open to application through the whole year, but OCPC will evaluate the applications forwarded through a postdoctoral station three times a year, namely 15th March, 15th June and 15th September. (For example, applications arrived in OCPC before 15th March will be the first batch to be evaluated and approved in 2019, and so for the rest rounds).

Those applicants, who have already been enrolled as postdoctoral fellow in a postdoctoral station, would be possibly accepted, if their starting time would not be more than 6 months until being evaluated by OCPC on the three deadlines for making decision in the year.

IV. Application and Review

    The application shall be filed by the applicants to their wished host institutions and pass through their evaluation. OCPC will then organize the review in Beijing on the recommended applications and announce the final results. The procedure is listed as in the following:

    1. Application Procedures

    Before applying for this program, all the applicants shall search for a supervisor in a university, research institute or company hosting a postdoctoral research station. There are 4185 OCPC authorized postdoctoral stations for this program, which could be retrieved from the front page of, which is the official website for all the postdoctoral programs in China.

    One shall first of all get an oral commitment for supporting his/her application from the supervisor and the postdoc-station, and then moves to the second step of online registration.

    The OCPC online registration window is also on the first page of the official website. One can find the button to access the “International Postdoctoral Exchange Programs” . 

    One shall fill in online the Application Form of the International Postdoctoral Fellow Program  and upload all the scanned copy of supporting materials. Once this registration is down, a completed ready to print application form would be generated. All the applicants shall send this completed and printed application form plus the supporting materials in paper form to their wished host institution for evaluation and recommendation.

    The supporting materials required include:

    (1) A valid ID;

    (2) PhD diploma or the certificate of thesis defense. Doctoral students who have not defended their thesis are allowed to apply for the program, but must provide their PhD diploma when register in the host institution.

    (3) Certifications for major research and academic achievements listed in the Application Form.

    All the forms related to the OCPC Applications could be retrieved on the front page of the official website of OCPC, including this program for gaining excellent scientists to China.

    2. Evaluation by a host institution

    The host institutions shall review all the individual application materials, summarize and write down their comments and decision on each Application Form. Then, all the postdoctoral stations shall compile all the materials together and get them posted to OCPC before the deadline of each application period (15th March/June/September). Each postdoctoral station with at least one applicant shall provide Summary Table containing all the candidates passing through their selection. OCPC will expect the paperback application materials combined with this Summery Table from each postdoctoral station.

V. Announcement of results

    The final OCPC decision would be announced in May, August and November every year.

VI. Operation manual for each applicant

    Step 1: Log in

    The applicants should log onto the application system for “International Exchange Programs Overseas or in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan”, the official website for post-doctoral programs in China, and upload required materials.

    Applicants who are postdoc fellows already being enrolled by a postdoctoral station, can log onto the system with their user name and password; All the rest need to register a user name before entering the system.

    Step 2: Fill in the application form and print the form and other supporting materials

The applicants need to download, fill in and upload the Application Form after entering the system. Meanwhile, they need to upload required supporting materials such as PhD diploma and certificates of English proficiency, oral defense, patent etc.

Notes: Applicants who are enrolled postdoc fellows shall stick to their original information concerning host institution, research topic and supervisor.

    Step 3: Submit application materials

    The applicants should send two copies of the printed materials to the host institute as required after having finished the online registration on the application platform.

    Appendix: The contacts of postdoctoral departments of major universities and research institutes in China

    For more contacts of postdoctoral departments of universities and research institutes in China, please“Click here”








        3.申请人博士毕业学校应为世界排名前100名的高校,或者其博士学位所属学科排名全球前100名(以当年度最新上海软科世界大学学术排名Academic Ranking of World Universities、泰晤士高等教育世界大学排名Times Higher Education World University Ranking、QS世界大学排名QS World University Rankings、U.S.News世界大学排名U.S.News& World Report为参考)。对“一带一路”沿线国家的申请人,条件可放宽至博士毕业学校为本国排名前3名的高校。根据中德博士后交流项目合作框架,在德国获得博士学位的留学人员或外籍博士,如获得德国亥姆霍兹联合会正式推荐可申请本项目,不受学校或专业排名限制(联系方式:德国亥姆霍兹联合会驻北京办事处何宏   010-65907866,。